Monday, April 21, 2014

Making the Azure Tool.


OK, so this is actually a post for my Ganoksin Blog.

Problem is Orchid uses that Word press format and I HATE word press.

So I first have to post here, then copy and paste into Word press, then it works.



Firstly, thanks to Marko for giving us a heads-up for the Azure tool.

It goes without say that everyone who is an active member of Orchid is by default a tool junkie.

I am no different, and when I saw the tool displayed in the video here, I literally stopped everything and made myself one.



I used 5mm square steel that one buys at the hardware store.

In fact everything for this tool is easily available at the store.


IMG_4925 (2)

I drill two holes and tap one side and the other side I drill 3.5mm holes, so they slide .


IMG_4926 (2)

I cut some wood from those paint mixing sticks one can buy.

I just used some temporary screws until the glue was hard.

Of course, leather strips are also an option.

I use wood like this on my engraving ball as well and then when it is time to replace I clean it off and put new pieces on.



Then I used some 3 mm threaded bar and locked it into position at the bottom with some nuts.

I ground them flat on the sides.

Initially I turned some threaded tubing, but I didn’t really like it.


So I changed them to 3mm wing nuts.

I had some brass ones, but of course steel ones will work just as well.

And then once I had this cool tool finished, it actually dawned on me that it is a tool for holding a piece so that one can pierce azure easily.

It is not a universal clamp for setting of fabricating.

There are far better methods of clamping available.

But never mind, it is still a great addition for the odd occasion that I need to azure the underside of  apiece.

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