Monday, April 14, 2014

Making Nest’s Catch


I had to make a catch for the nest part of nest.


So I scrounged a piece of old metal stock I had.

I first drew it out a couple of times on paper and then I glued the paper down and cut the rough shape out.



Actually, before I started on the shape I first made the bottom part of the hinge and I soldered it to the top of the box.

This then actually gives the start point for the catch.



Then I filed the basic shape out.

I had to file the neck down thin enough so that there would be an amount of ‘spring’ in it for the catch to work.

Then I was going to set two stones into each side for the eyes.

After I had drilled the holes and put the first stone in for setting

  ‘Uh Oh’ --- this metal will definitely not set.

It was totally brittle.

Using a piece of  “mystery metal” from your junk box is as dangerous as ordering a Russian bride from a Sears catalogue—you might get Putin’s sister.


No problem though.

I was certainly not going to throw a mornings of work away.

So I made a ball of silver and press fitted it into the already drilled hole and soldered it in on both sides of the head.



And then I set an emerald into either side.



Ol’ Woody Woodpecker being adjusted to hole the lid closed.



The catch works well.



Looks like a stylistic woodpecker too.

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