Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The Flower 2.



So then I made all the sections hinged,

I want it to fold apart.



Here they all cleaned up.



Then I started cladding the bottom of each section with copper sheet.



This was my first idea.

I kept the opening part.



Gauge,  I had to make a bunch of 2mm screws.

I made them long, so I can screw things down on the outside of the flower.



Like this.

They had to have itsy bitsi heads and the screw slot was a 3/0 saw blade thickness, so I ground a dedicated screw driver for them.

I make a lot of different screws in a project like this.



When I finished the cladding I made it fold into a flower shape.

It looks simple, but trust me Gauge, it took me two days to get it to fold and lock into place comfy style.



This is when it’s unfolded.



Made the bottom fixture to attach it to the back ground as well.



Then I made the bottom petals.


So this is what the flower looks like closed. It is still going to get decorations added onto the outside.

This time I am welding the frame together.

Nest is slightly bigger that Birth.




And this is what it looks like open.

All the petals are going to get finished off.

I’m thinking of making 5 miniature oil paintings on the inside petals that depict five different birds in flight.

Anyway the next is the branches and support for the actual nest.

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