Friday, April 18, 2014

The Flower.


I need a stylistic flower for my bird.



So I drew out a couple of petal forms and eventually I tried this shape.

A domed petal bottom thingy and  I thought about eight petals that I wanted to make an opaque sort of plique a jour.

I want the flower to be able to open and then inside is a piece of jewellery.

Anyway, it turned out looking like a dogs breakfast so I scrapped that road.



Instead of the brass bottom, I cut out six more of my petal shapes.

So I figured that maybe I can sort of make them open like one of those slo mo national geographic movies on flowers.



A trick I use when I saw from a printed design on paper.

I glue the paper down with contact adhesive and then when it’s dry I cover it with oil.

Then I wipe it dry.

The paper absorbs the oil and then it lubricates the blade permanently.

Makes a blade last until it’s blunt.




I wasn’t really happy.

It was to much Tulip-ish, and besides which, I didn't want to go the “ this looks like a flower” route.


So, against my better judgment,  I chose some colours for plique-a-jour .



Even there I though it looked kak.

Too cutsie and to costume jeweller-ish



I did three different colours and then I decided to scrap all of it and start again.

Don’t worry about the holes in the enamel, I simply fired it only once and then got gatvol.



First I made a paper model

I always make a paper model first because cutting paper is much easier than cutting metal.

Trust me, even I have worked this one out.

I make a brass frame work .



Like this.




So now it looks like this.

I like it so far.

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