Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Day off and Rant.


Yesterday was a absolutely beautiful day, so we decided to take off and do nothing but jol.

OK, we did have to do some work in the morning, but 12’o clock saw us on our bicycles and into the country side.


These days are treasured in Europe trust me.


My boss.


When the trees decide to get green, they don’t mess around.


There’s lots of little farm roads like this in Germany.


Ol’ farmer brown meant well putting a steel nesting box up on the electrical tower.

It’s just the three phase conductors that tended to screw up mama and papa  kids a bit.


Future hamburger buns.


In a local newspaper there was an article of a new hamburger joint that had opened up in town.

Well, since normal German food is god-awful at the best of times, we swung by to check it out .


The place is called Ritchie ‘n Rose and it had a kind of  American style burger .

It’s only been open for a month and the décor is somewhat--- rustic.

The burgers were very good . They only sell imported beer, which is a saving grace on the one hand because local beer tastes like refined sewerage.

On the other hand, a 333ml beer costs 5 EU—ouch.

Next time we go back, we drink colies.




Last Saturday was Japan Day.

It’s a day where all the japs show their country’s wonderful culture to the Yaban-jin.

A cool 750,000 pulled into Dusseldorf , all dressed up in silly costumes and anime type stuff.

There is one thing Germans like doing is to dress up in fancy costumes and strut around looking funny.


They also have lots of stands where they sell traditional Nipponese food.

I searched, but unfortunately there was no whale meat and dolphin soup stands.

I was under the impression that that was traditional barbaric jap food.


Killing whales and dolphins really makes my blood boil and jap “culture” sucks.

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