Thursday, May 8, 2014

Distressed Copper.




I have a lot of 2mm screws that come out on the other end, as in they go through and stick out the other end.

So they got to get capped.

I used 4mm rod that coincidentally came from an old Pretoria firm called Garlicks.


I kid you not.

They went bankrupt and then they auctioned all the fittings and some of the parts of the brass chandelier wended their way into my grubby paws.



My Gear Gun’s barrel also comes from a Garlick’s Chandelier.



Anyway, I turned a few on my lathe and then I polished them using the rod shown.



I screw then on the end and then I use a big ass buff to get the all slick ‘n smooth.



I used to ring birds for the University of Cape Town's

Avian Demography Unit when I lived in Kasane in Botswana.

One of the pliers used to close rings is the one pictured above.

I use it on the bench now and it is one of the handiest pliers to hold tubes and screws and things.

Especially little caps.



I made a ring holder on the vine.

I coloured the copper under the ring.



This is just a sample ring over the coloured copper.

It’s called distressed copper, because it gets coloured quite quickly, and in copper social circles that is quite distressing.

To lower the stress levels, I add some valium to the etching solution and then all the copper panels scream less.

I myself drink a beer and the alcohol numbs the pain of what I am doing to the poor, poor copper.



This is the torture bench where I do my diabolical experiments on copper.

Pol Pot has nothing on me .



The background is galvanized steel and I am going to prime it and then do a acrylic painting on it.

I want to see if I can do a 3D type fore ground/background type thing.



He’s figured out how to climb to the top via electrical cord.

Bad-ass cockatiel.

He thinks he’s super clever.

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