Thursday, May 1, 2014

Enameled Humming Birds.




Decorate the copper panels.

Everything on this piece is fun to make, but some are more fun to make than others.

These ones.



I draw them out big and then Anne shrinks the design to the right size and then prints them out on paper.

Then I colour them in and for some reason I always change the colours when I choose the enamels.



Then I glue the paper down on some 1mm plate and pierce it out.

Left is the plate, middle is the paper after its dissolved off the cut out on the right.



Cut out soldered on.

Hi temp solder.





This one is about to be fired for the second coat.



I made the background aged with a solution that I got from Rio Grande that smells like the most god awful cat piss ever.

It’s quite nice, but I can remove the background easy if I decide.



I haven’t decided on the background, so I left it brushed.

I made a flower for this one.


The next two before enameling.


All of them done.

The top and bottom ones still get metal flowers, I think.

Or maybe enameled ones.



I also gold plated them.

I got some gold cyanide powder from Fischer and it works very well

I am going to plate most of the small parts because of no tarnish.

With the humming birds, the yellow border colour sets the enamel off much better than silver.

Next up is to do a test on gilding the brass vine.

Fun stuff.


Kim Sannes said...

Wow! Those are really great. They make me want to pull out enamels and make something.

Debora said...

OMG these are gonna be delightful. Thank you for putting up so many pics of constructing them too. I find those very informative. Your techniques are wonderful to follow

Hans Meevis said...

Thanks Kim, Thanks Debora,

Great that you enjoy the tech.