Sunday, May 4, 2014

Flower Inside



The Flower – empty.

Ultimately, it will have a titanium ring in it.




I made some cardboard designs and I eventually settled on this one.



I draw some different shapes and then when I choose one, I make it in metal and then draw the next four from that template.

Then I stick the cut out cardboard shapes inside and see if I like the flower.

I quite liked the fold over to the middle bit when they closed.



Decision jpg, make in metal now or make another cardboard cut out?

I  made them in metal.



I cut out a pattern in the front and then bent them inwards.

Afterwards, I screwed them down from the other side so that the brass has the thread, because copper and silver suck at keeping threads.



I drew out a design.


So I cut it out of a thin strip of titanium that I had rolled down to 0.5 mm.

Next is to cut four more and to finish them to blue.

The screws at the bottom will get gem nuts and the copper I think I am going to chemically  colour .

I’d like the copper to have a bit more say.




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