Sunday, May 11, 2014

Nest and a Titanium Ring.


Firstly, congratulations to my blogger friend Debora Beijerbacht,, she from the blog Petit for getting accepted into the International Guild of Miniature Artisans.

Well done , Debora, although not surprising, considering your quality of work.

Brilliant stuff.



I spent an ENTIRE day working my flower so that is opens and closes smoothly.

Ming boggling fiddly work.


This is all in preparation to make the catch that holds the flower closed and then will release it .


I was also playing around with my bird positions.



I quite like this one.


On the other hand…..



I got an order to make a titanium/gold/emerald ring .

I  just have to set the emeralds, blue the titanium and rivet the sides together, so with some luck and sweat I should finish it today.

Once it’s finished, I am going to do a complete ‘ how to’ blog post.



An old picture of me at my nursery school.

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