Saturday, June 14, 2014

A Ring, a Storm and Petulant Laziness


Oh dear, in a moment of petulant laziness I decided to stop posting.

That was not a good idea.

I received a blizzard of emails condemning me to all seven levels of hell.

Bill W. sent me some bucks via Pay Pal for a  couple of ales for me and Anne, thanking me for writing for so long.

How cool is that?

Thanks Bill, I’ll post some pics soon.



I finished the miniature enameled humming bird that will form the center of the titanium ring .

That’s  the rough titanium ring in the background.


I made it out of 18 karat gold and it’s about 13mm in size.

It’s got two locating pins soldered on the back.

Today I finish the titanium part, hopefully.


The Storm

Coming from St Maarten we have seen our fair share of storms and the like.

The trees there are adapted to high winds.


In Dusseldorf,  it’s a different matter.


They are relatively fast growing so the wood is not very hard.


Large trees were felled by the wind, which reached 140 km/h at times.


There were many cars that were damaged.


Check the cut off log sticking out of the roof.

I can confidently say that never in the history of Dusseldorf have so many pictures taken in such a short time. Everybody was walking behind their smart phone.

And I can also confidently say that never in the history of Dusseldorf  have there been so many weasel words spoken and insurance companies start denying responsibility.

“ Act of God” is one phrase that come to mind.

“ Unfortunately your excess is more that the damage yada yada “


Bridge under troubled trees.



On the bright side, there is more sunlight available now.


You know, I get pissed off easily at ignorance.

The “green’ movement, NGO’s, anti vaccine movement and organized religion are just a few that give me a lump in my broeks.

This one then:

This is the packaging that was used to send two sapphires to me.

I rest my case.


Caught this pheasant in the fields while we were cycling.

A beautiful bird in the wild.

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