Friday, June 27, 2014

Enamel Painting.




First firing.

I made a mistake in as much that I didn’t rub the guide lines out enough.

I thought they would burn away, since I fire this disk at 820C, but they didn’t.

This stuff you only got one chance.

Screw up is start again machine.


This is the enamel dry and ready to go in the oven for the seventh or eighth firing.

I don’t bother counting how many times I fire anymore, just like I don’t count how many hours a project takes

You’ll go wacko if you dwell on stuff like that.


This is what the colours look like when they are still hot.



Gauge. –30mm in diameter.

I came out so so.

I am still in a steep learning curve.





My nephew Shane and his lady Nina came to visit us.

Ain’t they cool?


We went sight seeing and by and by we went into one of these ginormous churches.

We were a bit too noisy and this dude and his vroutjie were seriously pissed of at us ruining his ‘ruhe’.


Yesterday the Germans were playing USA in the world cup.

They take this stuff seriously.

Town was dead when we went cycling.


All the locals sitting in front of the TV.

This is still in the beginning, before the sound has escaped out of the beer bottle.

The yanks lost this game.

USA Wins

This is a picture of the first world cup which the USA won.

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Anonymous said...

Hans, you're too much. Hope you are enjoying Germany, soccer and all.