Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Nest’s Spider and Tales.



I drew out a spider master.

Only one side because it’s symmetrical, so I fold the paper in half and then cheat the hell out of it.

Then I shrink it on the printer.



2mm thick titanium – the paper is glued on with two component glue.

Sticks like the proverbial baby shit on a blanket.


After I cut it out, ‘ol bright eyes forgot to take a picture when it was all flat.

This picture shows it already bent in the approximate shape,

I first bend it into shape because if a leg breaks off, it’s start over factories.

Rather early than at the end.



I use various HSS burrs, some diamond burrs and sanding disks to carve the basic shape.

I have kept a lot of spiders as pets in my life, so I got the basic idea of what the whole thing should look like,  in a semi stylistic sort of manner.



I made a sort of abdomen cap thingy out of gold to set some stones in.



This thing is a brooch and pendant so it needed a base  for the pin to sit on.


The two pins on the abdomen cap hold the whole affair together.



First I blued the spider in my vacuum oven.

Then I touched it up with my torch because it was a too even blue, and we wouldn’t want a titanium spider that is evenly blued, now would we?

I wouldn't look natural, my deah.


Anyway, I set a 1.01 carat garnet that I had cut previously.

This is one of my favorite garnets I have, all the way from Tanzania.


I set various rubies, garnets, diamonds and emeralds into it all.


Evil, dude, evil.


On the web in Nest.


Waiting for a titanium fly to come buzzing along.


Last week week Thursday it was another of those frickin religious holidays where they close Germany down and ask the ‘ Volk’ to search for the crowd that reside upstairs.

While they were searching, we took the opportunity to go to NL and redo our Road worthy. Even though it’s still got six months to go before it expires.

The reason is that it expires in winter and it’s a real nause driving to NL in the cold dark snow for a roadworthy.

Summer is much better.

The garage that does this for us CANNOT understand why we would waste six months of paid roadworthy just to be able to pitch in summer.

They think it’s a waste of money.

I tell you what’s a waste of money—sitting on your backside during a religious holiday.


Of course we also went to the Dutch supermarket to get some decent groceries, not the swill they sell in Germany.

And there was a whole shelf of South African “Dad smacks Mom” wine.

This was the wine  rotgut that cause many a headache in my misspent youth.

Needless to say I didn’t buy any, even for old times sake.



Ha ha--- fish tales.

Maybe there is a CD inside with romantic fish stories because each tail has a tale to tell.


Whilst cycling.

Germans doing their exercises amongst the mielies.

They do this kind of stuff around here.

Check Fido studiously ignoring them hoping against hope none of his buddies see him.



Fritz, you had ONE job and ONE JOB ONLY!

The TV is supposed to face the PASSENGERS !

Not the fricken PIER!


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