Saturday, June 21, 2014

Nest’s Titanium and Gold Ring Finished.



This was the start of the enameled humming bird.

I found the best way to be able to pierce such a small piece was to first print the design on a medium thick tracing paper.

Then I use two component epoxy to glue the design on and then I pierce it.

That way the thin parts of the design don’t lift as you are piercing.

Then I solder the cut out onto the gold plate pictured and pierce it out again.

After I have soldered two locating pins on the back, I enamel the bird.


Anyway, I made the basic ring in my usual way, cutting a section off a 20 mm plate of titanium, drilling it up to just under size and then grinding the hell out of it.


Then I trimmed it true on my lathe.


The I filed a convex profile on the inside and pierced and filed the shoulders on each side.


Then I made two gold circles to click/fit on the titanium band.



I filed the gold band at about 45º so that when it is polished it will hopefully do a whole lot of reflections.


Then I made a rose type flower out of white and yellow gold and I set a diamond in the white gold stamen.


Here is a side image before the rivet holes are drilled.

Straight, naturally.


Instead of drilling holes straight through the side bands I soldered some stylistic leaves on the bands and then I will use those to attach the bands onto the titanium.


Sort of like this.


Here are most of the components of the ring, polished and cleaned and ready for final fitting.


I blue the titanium.

This is always very finicky and this one I had to do three time over before I was happy.

In fact, if you look carefully in the picture, you can see a paler smudge near the left side hole.--- cause for rejection.


With this ring I made pegs with a fused bobble on the inside and then used my ring stretcher to force them in the chamfered holes.

Then I riveted them from the outside, whilst the ring was still on the ring stretcher.





Took about a week to make.


White gold sliver set with a diamond.


I made the gold under the enamel crishy and it’s still visible in the humming bird.


Here is a quick shot of the in in the flower.


Tucked away in the flower.

Next is the spider out of gold and titanium.



It’s solstice today and to mark the event the locals hold what they call the Long table.


There’s a whole lot of food stands and the you supposed to grab something to eat , or bring your own if your are  Dutch, and then you eat your food next to perfect strangers.

All the while ignoring the he is farting up a storm next to you and that she smells like old perfume and stale smoke and talks with her mouth full.

So they got this Portuguese stand and for the last two years that we have been here, this stand makes their ‘Portuguese grilled chicken” just like the porro’s used to in Mozambique in the old days.

Absolutely lekker.

Anne has been looking forward to this chicken like for the WHOLE YEAR.

And when we get there , there is not a fricken chicken in sight.

“Nope”, says the dude, “we no cook Hühnchen dis year”

Disappointment factories or what!

Anyway we learned a good lesson,

Don’t count your chickens before they grilled.

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