Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Making a Titanium Cup or Dish Thingy

Here’s how to make a seamless cup or dish thingy .

This could be used to make a locket or pendant or just a nice thing to waste your time on a Saturday afternoon, like I often do.


Basically you need two rods of steel the same diameter and in this picture I used some scrap brass.


Then the brass is aligned up like in the picture.


And clamped in the vice like this.


Then the outer lip is tapped over using a punch like this.


Here is a picture of the piece half formed.


Tapped all the way over.


Then I took a piece of 1 mm titanium and did the same thing.




So then I decided to see if a square would work.


Logic told me the corners would tear.


Weird thing is they didn’t, but formed little horns.


So after the brass was trimmed I did the same for titanium.

Naturally the titanium was a bit harder and I annealed it a couple of more times than the brass but it worked out OK.



One titanium dish, ready to serve a very small salad.

Now it stands to reason that one could make pretty much any form is steel and then make a seamless bowl, given enough taps with your punch.

So I am quite chuffed that it worked, because it’s another piece of useless information that I can store in my mind’s dusty attic.

Actually, I can see this method could be used to make gem stone collets or odd shaped tubes in difficult to solder metals like titanium.

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michael Edwards said...

Nice seamless way to make a heavy
bezel. Note sure if it's practical except on calibrated stones though. Great for a calibrated parcel. Now if you can force the clamped shape through a tapered hole fast(arbour or hydraullic press) you've got a production tool.