Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Seagull Pendant.

Titanium Seagull Enamel Pendant

I finished this painted enamel pendant the other day.

I like the porthole look.

I hot forged the titanium into a circle and the filed the hell out of it.


Seagull Ocean Spray

Here is a closer view.

Eventually I tilted the rocks upward. I thought it gave more a feeling of speed.


I pierced the seagull out and soldered a locating pin to it.


Then I drilled a hole in the pendant with a diamond drill.


A little while ago Vasillie and his partner walked into our shop.

He was asking if I had any setting work for him.

We got talking and it turns out he is a Russian master setter and when he showed me samples of his work I was blown out the water.

So then when he saw my gem cutting machines we made an agreement.

He will teach me advanced setting and I will in turn teach him gem cutting.


Being a setter already, he has the ‘touch’ in his hands, so he picks up the techniques without destroying the stone very quickly.


With his partner Olga.

He was trained using traditional setting techniques and then he had to relearn  to  change over to microscopes and the graver max power machine.

So once and for all he was able to set up my equipment properly.

I was taught the basics of setting by Shane, my journeyman, and everything after that I self taught.

So it’s very cool to be taught by a dinkum honest to goodness pro setter.

I have learn’t a LOT of finer techniques so far.


We even went for a tjop and dop in the park one afternoon.

You got to figure:

Between the four of us we speak six languages and we had trouble communicating, with German being our base language.

You can never speak enough languages.



A couple of Sundays ago Anne and I went for a 60 kilo cycle to a swamp area around Dusseldorf.

I was a rare beautiful day, no wind and mild temperatures.


We got all our ducks in a row, too.


The Germans were out in force playing  P├ętanque, which is like grown up marbles with steel goons.

They take this shit seriously here and an entire weekend is wasted dedicated to it several times a year.

What really freaks me out is that youngsters play it as well.

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