Sunday, August 10, 2014

Tool Making


I made this nifty ring clamp for myself after I saw a similar clamp being used by a Russian master setter.

I have got the proper GRS inside ring clam but it only expands from one side .

I don’t like that much because it puts expanding pressure on only one side of the ring.

And anyway, there is absolutely nothing I like more than making gizmo’s and tools.



The center is a black nylon bush that has a cone on both sides.

The two brass cone shaped washers that force the nylon open when the two stainless steel screws are tightened.

This stuff all turned out on my cheepo Grizzly lathe.



Then, once you got the ring tightened up nicely the setting ball gets tightened and the whole gizmo tightens vas.

This is great for setting eternity bands, because once the ring is tightened, turning the ring around is a matter of loosening the setting ball, not the ring clamp, as in the original GRS equipment.

As with a large part of the jewellery industry, the bar is constantly raised by new techniques and methods that are developed.

The GRS system, a microscope and the Gravermax or Lindsay Air  assisted power engraver have become the accepted norm for those craftsmen working on that level.

In the old days, I had a ring clamp, some gravers and a Optivisor and that was good enough.

These days the retailer wants stones set so that at 30 X magnification the job is flawless.

That is  not possible with an Optivisor.

Simply put, if you not at the setting skill level with that equipment , you get no work.



Here is another cool little tool I made myself.


A tiny isty teeni saw.

For azure work and OCD corner cutting.


I made the frame out of brass and the screws and nuts out of steel.

The threads are 2 mm M2 standard.


One of those tools you like making and then only need it twice every eighteen years.



Tjilip,( I’m the BOSS) ,  doing his thing.

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