Tuesday, September 2, 2014

For the love of the EU Brussels cockroaches



We had our first power failure in three years the other day.

This contrasts strongly to the 165 documented power failures we had in St. Maarten during the course of one year.

So just in case another disaster like this struck my workshop and kept me out of the work that I don’t have, I made an emergency plan.



The potato battery.

In keeping with Brussels directive that all new vacuum cleaners above 1600 watts are now banned from all EU countries, I too have gone green with my emergency power supply.

We all have to do our bit and save energy and I, as a good EU citizen, will also do my part.


And just to keep things in balance, I invented the self raising table.

This table is unique in it’s design by using only GRAVITY to work.

And gravity, as we all know, is free and green.

This is a vast improvement to the standard table which uses the quaint and now obsolete four leg system.

It is important to be green these day and in keeping with our new  Brussels ruled society, I urge all the readers to start using solar power cells.


If everybody started using solar power, they would drain the sun of heat and we would solve global warming in one fell swoop.

So do your bit and help Brussels at the same time.

It’s the right thing to do.

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