Thursday, September 25, 2014

Nest’s Humming Bird.


I been hak-ing a long time on nest’s humming bird.


30mm diameter Humming bird

This was the first humming bird.

It didn’t gel for me—too big belly---too big head.


So I made two steel die’s that I could make the two bowls above them.


The copper one fits lekker in the silver one.



I drew it out first.

I used carbon paper which I had to correct.

Now I learned to use laser paper.


This was the first I made.

I quite like it, but it didn’t really go for Nest.

Too  simple.


Then I made this one and it’s OK for what it is, but again, it doesn’t gell with Nest.—too girly…..

One of the things that is quite difficult to learn is when to stop and change tack.

When I lose liss for a design, it hits the floor with a loud clang.

This was one.



So then I decided to do a cloisonné humming with with transparent enamels.

So I transfer the drawing I made.

I actually started piercing, but the feathers were to close so I made another one with bigger cells for the feathers.


The top cut out—about 0.7 thick.


Soldered to a about 0.7 background as well.


Eye and white gold collar added.

I'll set two diamonds in the holes.



Then I enameled it.


Then I made some flowers for it.

I just put the emerald in the bottom later and the bobbles around it are going to be spread out more.

Part two next.



The white smudge in the distance is a ground- based flock of gulls.


Parking in the shade?

Like the sun is hot here.

It’s got to do with food.


There was even a lone heron in a field.

And the haze was a natural haze, not a pollution one.


Big sigh -------  the summer has ended.

Seriously different seasons in these parts of the world.

Uunlike St. Maarten.


Drake Collins said...

I was curious, is there a reason why you decided to cut out the hummingbird design rather than Etch the cells? I know that it's really time-consuming to cut out an intricate pattern. Though it has the benefit of the cutout material being easily recyclable. Etching would make reclaiming the list gold a lot harder. I was just wondering if there were additional considerations that went into the decision.

Hans Meevis said...

Hi Drake,
I can pierce the design in an hour or so and have the basic structure finished for enameling in about two hours.
I have etched before but unless one does a large number, piercing is easier--for me , that is.

Drake Collins said...

Ahh, It would probably take me a good bit more than two hours to pierce and file a piece that intricate. But I guess practice practice practice...