Thursday, October 2, 2014

Gem Carving and Stuff




Rough, started a couple of days ago.


I finished it yesterday.


Whenever I have no work, which happens a lot in Germany, I mess around with the raw material I have, or I make humming bird pendants and the like.


It came out quite nice.

I am going to make a pendant for it. ( obviously)


I get some trade work from a jeweller down the road from time to time.

These are the instructions to size a ring down.



It’s autumn and farmer Fritz is turning his fields.

Check out the gulls following the tractor.

It’s the grubs, dude.

They much more squishy when freshly turned.


Sunset over the Rhine. The river is low and the weather is nice for this weekend.

So Anne and I are going taking the day off  tomorrow and going for a braai during the day.

It will probably be the last time we get good weather that is in the 20’s so we cook while we can.


You know, art is a subjective thing.

I get it, truly I get it.



So we came across this ‘art’ installation the other day.


She was contorting in provocative poses on the chair while water was squirting over her.


I couldn’t figure out whether it had to do with the Greek water god Poseidon or plain old German sex.


At the same time there was this other guy who was walking up and down the stripe of  water bottles, throwing the water in the air and over himself .


At the same time, there also was this chick doing these poses as well.

And there were thousands of these bags with sand in them parked all over the place.


Plenty of bottled water—’green’ it certainly wasn't.

I cornered one of the ‘artists’ and tried to ask him what it all meant, but he ignored me like I wasn’t there.

I thought that was pretty boss, because saying that to some one gets a reaction most of the time, in my experience.

Which meant he won.


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