Monday, October 20, 2014

Rings and Light bulbs.


I made this ring and I played around in Photoshop with it.

Photoshop is easy.

In the old days to get a picture like this I would shoot the ring into the air with a cannon, and then wait for it to fall back.

Then as it went past my camera I would snap a picture of it and my girlfriend would be lying on the ground beneath the tri-pod and catch it as well.



I also made this ring for a charming lady.

I used the gold of her dear departed husbands wedding band and her one and then combined them.

The dude in the picture is welding new water pipes outside our shop.

These municipal workers are a tough bunch, let me tell you.

Come rain or snow or darkness in winter, they do the job.

I talk to them, I like them, they work hard  and do a good job.



They put the final touches on the job this Thursday.

I like this picture.

It looks like they closing up a volcano.

Or burying Satan maybe.


We use gas for goldsmithing and cooking.

We have two bottles so that if one runs out then the other can also be switched over so that there is always gas.

Last Saturday night both ran out at the same time.

Because Murphy came calling.

At seven in the evening.

So because I had had a couple of beers during the afternoon there was no way I could drive.

You just do NOT drive over the limit here.

In fact, if I consume ANY alcohol I simply don’t drive, period.

So Anne drove , the roles reversed—me doing the backseat driving for the first time in three years.


It was wonderful.

Anyway, en route a headlight bulb blew.

No problem, thinks me.

I’ll buy a new one and replace it.


Luckily the owners of the next door garage had gone on holiday so I could use the whole space to work on Arnold- as our car is called.

First order of business was to get some light in the place.

Germans live in dingy half- lit places.

Everywhere you go there are these 40watt lights, dark houses and dark yellow lighting.


So I made a Meevis plan.

I like the irony of my probably highly illegal temporary cable going over the nanny sign.

So I wired up a double florescent tube unit to it and it at least provided good light.


I parked Arnold skew like this so I had space.

This was an endless source of amazement from the people walking by.

“How did that car get in like that?” was what I heard several times.

One youngster: “ They NEVER going to get that car out” ha ha.


I had forgotten about French design.

The picture says it all.


The fucking headlight bulb.

I read on the internet that in Britain they charge up to 235 pounds to change it.

I now understand why.

Appalling design.




Pie graph of the year in Dusseldorf.

We in the dusty pink area.

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Anonymous said...

On this car, there is actually a lid you can access from the underside of the wheel well if I remember correctly :-)

Love your blog BTW :-)