Saturday, October 4, 2014

The Perfect Day Braai.


Yesterday was another one of those interminable frickin’ public holidays that Europe is addicted to.

This time it was ‘unification day’ which was when west Germany felt sorry for the east Germans constantly spying on each other and  shooting themselves in the foot, and gave them $2 trillion in public money to drag themselves into civilization.

Now west Germany celebrates the loss of an inland sea of money stolen from the public ---- with a public holiday.

The irony is strong in this one.

Nevertheless, the day dawned bright and blue and no wind with warm autumn temperatures.

We had been preparing for this braai for a long time.


The bicycles being prepared.

Schpeckles is looking on with a 1000 yard stare.

He just KNOWS this day is going to suck for him.

Inside those two pan bags one can clearly see the outline of the kitchen sink.



These kind of days are few and far in between.


This was our first picnic spot but it proved to be a bit busy with dogs being walked* so we moved up river to a more secluded area.

*Actually, Germans don’t walk their dogs around.

They command them around.

“Schtopf “!  “Platz”! “ Hier”! “ Da”!  “ Vorsicht”!  “Ruhig”!  “Zurück’!

It’s in their genes.


The second choice needed a bit of mountain climbing, of which Anne is an expert of.

It’s her look of concentration that makes her such an expert.


The wild desolate places in Germany.


With a bicycle the amount one can carry is somewhat limited.

So we stick to a one-off fires that one can buy in the supermarket.

They work surprisingly well, but they a bit low on the excitement factor.


Being  a public holiday there were lots of fun cruises and private boats going past.

It’s a bit like a visual twitter.

You spy all the people out on the opposite bank and gossip about them.

No doubt they do the same.


And commerce never stops on the Rhine.



This was one seriously impressive barge going past.


Real braai food.

We ate  and drank ourselves dik through the day.


Eventually the shadows got longer and we reluctantly made our way back.

The return trip proved to be a lot more difficult than anticipated, but it had nothing to do with the wine and beers.

We were just a bit more tired, you see.

Nevertheless, we got home safely at the end of a perfect day.

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