Monday, November 17, 2014

Dragon Stuff


To make the tail I had to take all the off cuts of wax and melt then into a pot so I got a big fat chunk.

Once it was cool I cut an oversize tail out of it and started carving.


Until I got here.


Then I cast the interface with the body.


I cut the tail in four sections to make casting easier.


It screws in.




Designing the wings.


They are going to be made with a brass frame work and clad in copper.



About a year ago, my sis in law was here with the family.

When she left she gave Anne a plant with flowers.

Normally in a workshop with absolutely no natural daylight, heavy duty fumes and smoke and chemicals, plants croak very fast.

So I put this victim on the top of my screw shelf and said “Dude, it is now up to you”.

“ I’ll give you water, and talk to you like Prince Charles does, but the growing part is up to you”

His name is now Survival.

He grew a bunch of leaves and then proceeded to start growing some serious new flowers.

All under fluorescent lights.

My kind of plant---never stop, never give up.

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