Sunday, November 30, 2014

More Dragon Stuff.



Planning the wings.

I decided to do the inside of the wings first,


It’s tricky work, what with the balance and all.


That was sort of the basic attitude I wanted the wings to have.


I was messing around with an engraving technique I designed.

That is, I want to have scales on the dragon in various areas, so I thought the ‘bones’ of the wing might be a good place to experiment.


I ground a graver into a concave cutting face.


Here is a close up.

After the main ‘scales’ are raised, they get polished down to give the smooth scale effect.


These are the wings independently attached to the body.


The back of the wings are very visible in this sculpture, so I too extra time to design then to be in balance with the front.


Then I made the crest out of a sandwich of brass and copper.


The crest is held in place with a silver spike I turned out of silver.

It looks a bit unicorn-ish but when I get further with the bells and whistles, I will bend it to face forward.


I made this pendant for an American doctor who was attending a medical conference here.

It is the logo for Dusseldorf.

He buys his wife something representing the city he goes to every time. Cool.


Also made this set for an internet order to the USA.


Including this bracelet.

We sell more jewellery internationally than to locals.

Locals are conservative and they don’t embrace change.


You never see these fuckers during the week, but on Sunday, when the frikken church says all the shops must be closed, that when the foreskin babies crawl out from underneath the rocks and start fining cars.

A pox on them.


Seen in the front of a German garden.

Imagine having this thing staring into your bedroom window.

It’s got really weird eyes, that one.

Germans are strange like that.

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SMB Bearings said...

The dragon is just stunning - the patina on the wings is beautiful, you are a true artist Hans!