Saturday, November 1, 2014

Titanium, Purple Gold and the Dragon and Flying Fish.



I made some new jewellery for the Amazon shop we are setting up.






With a pearl, which I think goes very nicely with the blue.




I once had a company in SA called Mintek ( I think) make me some purple gold.

I brought my own fine gold and I had three buttons made for myself.

This gets made in a special electro smelter with an inert atmosphere.

I have made a crude form of purple gold  in my vacuum oven before.



Here is a pre-polish picture

If you look carefully you can see the aluminium concentrations in the table of the metal  stone.

You can also see the holes caused by the porosity in the metal.

That’s the nature of this beast.

Purple gold (3)

I actually had to cut this one three times to get here.

This stuff is tricky.


My drill press handle has been bust forever and in typical slap gat meevis fashion I just added epoxy putty—until it really stopped working.



Many years of putty.

I drilled a piece of stainless steel of out.


And then I made a replacement handle.


I started a new project.

It will be a dragon, standing and guarding a mystical box in which will be a piece of custom made jewellery.

So far I just call it the Dragon, but I am sure I’ll think of a better name soon.

Something fancy and Greek sounding.




Today is another frikken public holiday,

I think it’s some church shit again.

I also happened to be an OK day for this time of the year.

So we took our bicycles and did our farmland circle ride.

It is about 40k’s and goes through some nice country.

This is one of the coolest things in Dusseldorf, you can cycle just for a short time and you are in beautiful farmlands that are kept like gardens.

On the banks of the Rhine all the folk were chilling out, giving orders to their dogs and flying kites.

This dude was flying this kite, with Anne watching on.


His wife was busy on the other part of the kite, getting yelled at for not doing things properly.

And the fact is that mostly it’s the husband doing things wrong, not the wife.

Shame, the poor thing.

Definitely, pussy was not going to be an item on the menu tonight.


Anyway, about two hours we came back and they had finally got the whole contraption flying.


This highest kite in the picture is pulling the fish kite up.

Nice toy though, apart from the brake it puts on your sex life.

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