Monday, December 8, 2014

Dragon Futheration



I set 32 2mm garnets in silver tubes and then set those silver tubes into the tail

Now I am going to engrave scales on the yellow part and the there come little silver spines into the copper overlay—maybe.

With this kind of work I always have the idea and then when the work is done is looks miff.

So I‘m not to sure about the spines—it might look over done.



I nearly finished her head.


Just a few more adjustments to do.

The eyes are cabochon garnets.

There are also faceted garnets set in her head.


With a flash.

Her name is Antikythera.

This is actually a name of a Greek island, where an unbelievably advanced analog computer was found by sponge divers in 1900.

It was made about 100-200 BC and was able to work out the eclipse and planetary movements and all that space age stuff.

Anyway, my dragon was intimately involved in all this but I can’t say any more because otherwise the Greek Gods are going to get pissed off with me and on NEVER wants to piss Greek Gods off.

We have a contractual agreement that I am only allowed to reveal the whole story once Antikythera is finished.

So there.




Like I said in a previous post, Germans like putting creepy things in front of their homes.

He’s watching you dude.


Douche pilot drives this car.

You got to figure.


A slightly un PC advert for a braai cooker .


My Orchid is Orchiding.

I look after her well, but it is amazing that she survives—in a place that often has evil chemicals in the air, no natural light and rock music all day long.

She rocks!

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