Monday, March 30, 2015

Open Heart Ring Surgery



A customer wanted this ring changed .

She didn’t like the ruby anymore.



Open heart surgery.

I didn't actually know whether it would work, but I figured that if I totally screw up the ring, I can always make a new ruby ring.

It would have been actually better if I made the new ring from scratch, but she doesn’t want that.

It has to be the old ring or nothing.



The things I do for the rent.


I had to make a new base for the emerald tube.


Then fit the tube in and solder it up.

Once it was all soldered in I soldered the inner ring in so that the emerald would sit at the correct height.



And once all that was done I set the emerald.

This emerald cab weighs 8 carats and it’s a piece of mediocrity with green camouflage.

I absolutely dislike stones like this, not because it’s ugly, but because it is so delicate.

It’s riven internally with fractures and the slightest misstep during setting and POW, it becomes fish tank gravel.

Of course, as soon as that happens, the stones becomes a family heirloom worth millions and guess who is at the sharp end?

Anyway all's well that ends well and now the only potential hiccup on the horizon is if she actually likes it.



I attract various animals to our shop.

Some ducks came walking past so Anne took a picture of me feeding them.



And every day I feed the pigeons.

They come to the window and peck on it to let me know that they would like breakfast to be served.

So I put some seed out on the street.

This does not go down well with the local populace.

They don’t like birds.

Feathered rats and all that but who cares---I like birds.


It’s the first Moto GP weekend.

We are prepared.

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