Sunday, May 10, 2015

The Piston Ring and the Parrot


IMG_5915 (2)

I made a piston ring,

The crankshaft was quite tricky, I made it four times before I got it right.

I also made the ‘piston’ twice. I turned it out of titanium.

IMG_5923 (2)

Then I pierced out some titanium plate to give some strength to the silver and also just because I thought it would look cool.

IMG_5954 (2)

The I temporally riveted everything together and filed and sanded them down.


IMG_5957 (2)



IMG_5968 (2)

Here are all the parts just after spontaneous unscheduled separation.


.IMG_5965 (2)

I inlayed some gold into the piston and set some diamonds and Hauyne into it.

This is a stone that is found in Germany and it’s very bright blue and soft, but since the piston is very protected it’s OK to put in a ring.

It’s a bitch to set, though—you just look at it a poof, it’s dustified.


IMG_5967 (2)

And I set a Sandawana emerald straight into the titanium on the top.

Also very easy to dustify.


IMG_5990 (2)


IMG_6006 (2)

Looks mean.

IMG_6009 (2)

When you turn the little cog, the piston moves back and forth.

IMG_6003 (2)

Just for fun

I doubt anyone will ever buy it.


There have not been many days yet where we could go out cycling.

These are flowers under plastic.


These were a couple of bro’s pushing a shopping trolley filled with beer for a party at the river.

You got to grab a good day when it comes.


Anne also grabs a good thing when she can!


There was this guy who I had seen around walking with an amazon on his shoulder and so when he walked past the shop I called him in

His name is Boris, a nice guy too and his parrot called Pepe.

Pepe REALLY liked our cage and slotted in so well, he didn’t actually want to leave.


The other two were somewhat wary of this giant bird.

The little one stayed vas in the cage, not moving and inch, ha ha

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