Friday, November 27, 2015

Moving the Workshop



Anne working on a computer.

The big black rectangle is not a door, but the back side of her mirror.

Dude, this thing big and heavy like nobodies business.

This was the work shop room.


This was Anne’s office at the same time.

Check the mirror.

The mirror got a story.

When we were looking for a shop in Dusseldorf four years ago, we went to an appointment to see one and there was a very nice old man who showed the place.

Anyway, it wasn’t suitable for us and as we were making our way out,in general conversation, he mentioned they were clearing the place and the mirror was going to be trashed.

So Anne says “Ok, don’t throw it away, we’ll come and fetch it”.

So a couple of days later, we come fetch it, but this time his son was there, not the old man.

The son’s 1000 yard stare as we carried it out of the place told me he was trying to figure out how he was going to tell his wife the mirror was no longer hers.



Covering up the birds.

Taken through the workshop window.


We hired another trailer to move the stuff to the new place.


Arnold also feature big in this picture.


There were a couple of ornamental bricks lying around.


So my wife built a shelter for the rubbish bin.


Finally got the workbench in place.


Still had to build my computer desk.


Glass working bench.


Anne and I moved the safe by ourselves.

That it going to be a separate blog post


Insect Fighter Aircraft

This is the working template drawing of my latest project.

It is going to be an insect based flying fighting machine, along the lines of the Dino War Machine.

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