Sunday, November 22, 2015

Moving the Workshop.2


We rented a “ Oom Jan built this place!” type of cottage.


You know, the type that everything functions despite the plans coming off the back of a serviette.

The washing machine blew up.

It made such a fucking noise that I phoned the owner up and told him I’m not switching it on again.

He replaced it a couple of days later, at the same time he also brought new prospective future renters for a look see.

Thanks dude.


Nice view.

Don’t laugh at the fire.

Anne and I had just come out of Dusseldorf where it was not easy to have a braai.

You had to schlep everything with to have a braai there and though we had some memorable ones, carrying all the stuff was a drag.

So having one right outside was cool, as was the weather at the time, like 10C


The kitchen that Oom Jan built.


I hate sleeping in hotel beds.

We lived in Elephant hotel in Vic Falls for five years, three days a week.

It cured me sleeping in strange beds, so we brought our own mattress and duvet and cushions and turfed the room mattress at the foot of the bed.




I hung a red cloth on the stairs, because I just knew that I would bash my kop on it.


Anyway, we were still looking for a place.

We like industrial places, not mom and pop suburbia.

Difficult to find in NL.

Trust me, living in NL is a bit like living in a toy train set, everything on time and Oh So regulated.

Then we hit a luck.

We got a semi pan handle.

The owner made us pay the usual self employed ‘I don’t trust you tax’, but we were cool with that.


The back drive way wasn’t the best, but not difficult to get tidy.


As was the court yard.

The courtyard is one of the big plusses with this place.

NL is small, you don’t get free space for free.


We first painted the place out, before we moved our stuff in.


The first thing we fixed was the bedroom and from there we expanded the fixing, cleaning and painting outwards.

We just crashed on the floor for the first while.

I still had to build a bed.


Serious cleaning.

I own a beautiful cleaning machine, just in case you didn’t know.

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