Monday, November 30, 2015

The Workshop and the Dragonfly Fighter.




The workshop is set up.


The lathe and stuff on the other side.


It’s got nice big doors



I was going to make the cockpit with rounded edges, but I decided on angular flat surfaces so that the glass is easier to install and it gives a military look.


So I made the window out of half round struts because of the glass coming later.


The basic wings are made out of 0.7 mm copper.

I put oil on the paper so that it gets absorbed and lubricates the blade while I cut.


After much angst I settled on this shape for the base bottom where I hope I can figure out how to attach the six legs and the head and tail.

Made out of 1 mm brass sheet.


Then the first part of the wing structure.


All the top edging of the wings cut out.

Then there is bottom edging coming.

but first the basic structure before all the bells and whistles.






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