Friday, November 6, 2015

Vice Stand fitted on the Bench.


We just finished moving the workshop from Germany to the Netherlands.

So that meant that I had to tune my workbench in more finely, because at my old workshop, I had my roller and vice stand separate from my bench.

The new workshop has tiled floors, so I didn’t feel like drilling large holes in the floor.

So I decided to make the vice stand in such a manner that it could be attached to the bench and removed when I move the bench to another location.

This was always my intention anyway, but Dusseldorf was very drillable, so it was easier to set them up separately.


My old stand with the roller and swivel vice attached to the floor.


I cut the stand apart.


First I mounted the roller on the bench

This was how I had designed the roller to be when I first built the bench in 2007.


Once the roller was mounted, I figured to use the other half of the stand for the vice.


So I made two ‘L’ shaped brackets and screwed them onto the bench frame.

I used screws first to see if they would be rigid enough and to leave the option open for welding them on later.

As it was, once the bottom was attached, the stand is very rigid.


This is the underside of the vice plate.

I threaded the L shaped brackets so that I just have to bolt it to the bench.


Then I cut some threaded bar the right length and positioned two nuts on the end.

Then I welded the nuts onto the bench frame in situ.

That way they were perfectly positioned.


Once the nuts were welded on, I trimmed everything to the right length and covered the threaded bar with some aluminium tubing.


The bench weighs about 300 kilo’s, which is more than enough weight to keep it firmly on the ground without having to bolt anything down.

So by default the vice stand is also very stable.

Another addition that I had to make to the bench is my melting system, because in the old workshop I had a separate melting bench, but in the new one, I wanted to keep everything on the bench, as per original design.

So behind the blue sliding door are all my ingots, crucibles and various powders and fluxes needed for melting.


The door slides upwards and there is plenty of room for everything.


The swivel vice holds my home built draw bench.

I have a free tutorial on how to make one here.


All the systems, rolling, melting, polishing, and fabrication are working.

One last thing to do is to finish of the soldering system properly.

Another post coming.

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