Saturday, December 19, 2015

Furtheration of the Dragonfly Fighter.



I cut all the leg attachments off and made 2 mm sides on it.


The bottom body structure, made from different 1 mm brass panels.

The reason it looks red is because of the copper plating when the article is hot quenched in pickling solution.

I just use some iron wire to hold everything in place for soldering


I first make it with cardboard and then cut it out of brass plate.


Getting there.

Just the front and back need doing.


Once the basic body was completed, I started on the tail segments.


I turned the basic shape out on my lathe and then threaded holes for the yet to be made spikes.

The one facing down is from an old project.


I made the tail end so that it screws on and holds everything firmly in place.


The bottom wing holders.

They are probably going to be re worked some more.

Then the 'neck' was made.


The neck made and now the head has to be developed.

The eyes will be worked more at a later date. For now that's the look I'm going for.


Soldering the top surfaces on.

The head is a lot of work to get it to stand out correctly.


I leave the front open, because I am going to make a visual sensing apparatus thingi later.


The head has been closed up with panels soldered on until only the jaws in the front remain open, to be worked later


The back stinger will get two more stings on either side.

I just have to solder them on later.


The start of the legs.

so far I am only going to put four on, but that may change later.

The brass rods are only for style, angle and feel so far.


I'll make them more involved next.


Making the rear legs.

I pierce out four mirror images and then form them and solder them together.


Tacked together.

Now the open areas get covered in thin copper sheeting.

I could carve the legs out of wax and then sand cast them, but then I would loose the ability to play with different coloured metals, because it would be solid brass.


I have always liked playing with the three coloured metals on this world.

Yellow, red and white-- there are only three. ( excluding purple gold)


Then I started making the feet for the rear legs, in the same fashion as the first part.


But I decided they not nice, so now I am making another set, which I should have finished this weekend.

With a project like this I often make parts two or three of four times over until I am happy.


This is the new design, drawn out on paper at the bottom.

I will make the components on my lathe instead of hollow.


State of the jewel.

I quite like the front legs I stuck on for this picture.

They are rejects from an old project.

I doubt I'll use them though, they a little bit too 'insectoid-ish"

I think I prefer the bulky, two colour hollow look.

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