Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Work and play.





This is the control interface that goes to the head.

I made it up to final finish because I won’t be modifying it further.



It plugs into the back of the head.

This control column is the interface from the pilot to the brain of the fighting machine.


Then I started making the tail fins.

Then I file both sides halfround and drill 0.7 mm holes through both to lock them into place.

Then I remove the locking pins and sandwich a flat piece of copper together between them.

Later, I will remove the copper again and give it a patina or texture.

Closer to completion, I am going to make a bonfire outside, braai some meat, drink many beers and and cook all the separate copper parts in the fire to get a burnt/orange/black look.



Like this.

These are quite labor intensive, and I think I will need about ten more fins.

So I got my work cut out, so to speak.



I also am playing with the eye.

In any sculpture to me the eye can make or break the piece, so I start using different materials and designs long before I actually decide on the final look.

I quite like this look.

It is some expanded titanium that I cut round, domed and heat blued to see what it would look like.

I think I am going to roll out some titanium plate and then pierce a honeycomb shape very fine and see what that looks like.


State of the Jewel.



The other night Tim and Bea came over for party time.


Was a great evening, much laughter and fun.

Dutch people are much more fun than Germans, much friendlier and spontaneous.

After four years of living in Germany, it is a blessed delight not to have dour and negative people surround you.

Trust me, I am super happy to be out of Germany and I am even more happy not to have to make jewellery for them.

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