Monday, February 22, 2016

Dragonfly Fighter.



So then I went on to the probably the most difficult and fun part of this model--the cabin and it's inside.

I made a rough plasticine and wire model to get the so so size of the chair.

I don't like the cabin much--it's too finicky.


Here is a rough draft for the chair.

I quite like it and if it works for the overall look that's good, but if it gets replace with another design then I can always use it for another project.


Here is my little man again.

Anyway at this stage I decided that the original cabin design was lousy so I started a remake on it.

I knew that the original design had a high likelihood of being replaced so it's no big deal for me.


I make a bottom frame that fits over the center part on my model.

The frame alone took me a whole day to make.

Often things that look simple are actually quite tricky.

Then I started to cut out the sides and screw them into the base.


Drawing the shape for the overall look.


Starting with the windows.

There will be glass on the inside and the center section will have a common hole that goes through the brass and glass.


I wanted the bottom of the cabin to have a slightly whimsical look

Now I solder the sides together.

When soldering this kind of stuff everything warps and bends it is is not heated up slowly, so that require a bit of patience.


Once the sides were soldered together I had to design the roof.   

I use cardboard templates before I cut the metal out.


I made the first panels out of one piece of metal and then made two joiners to screw them onto the now soldered side.

Because of contraction and expanding when soldering, I have to have an immovable base, namely the sides, to continue with the other panels.

Othrwise it looks like a pretzel.


The third and fourth panels are soldered on.


Until we arrive at this rather awful looking apparition.



After some pickling it still looks like a dogs breakfast.


But is opens up and fits perfectly back.

I made it with a removable top, because I have to cut sections of glass for the windows later, and that gives me easier access to the roof.


The old and the new.



I'm not happy with it.

So I am going to remove some elements from the top.

It's just to lomp at this stage.

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