Saturday, April 16, 2016

The Dragonfly Fighter Furtheration.




Then I made a cover for the joystick.

I took a hex bolt and then formed to copper over it until I got a shape like that.

The feet will still be worked and engraved on further toward finishing time.


And I made the various levers and controls to be able to fly this machine.

There’s more to come.


Starting the middle arms.

I take 4 mm brass rod and carve it with a big ass flame tungsten carbide burr.


Rough carving directly into the metal.



I get tired quickly of what I make.

I got tired of the first head, so I made another.

I carved it out of a thicker piece of brass.


I made a yaw control lever out of titanium.

You can see the tapped mounting hole at the bottom.

Tapping titanium is wonderful.....


I heat blued and installed the yaw lever for one of the middle arms.


And then I also made a vertical indicator.

I hung a temporary piece of turquoise on it.

I will replace that with a dark garnet bead when I find the fuckers. They AWOL.


I made his eyes out of titanium.

They just been stuck in with putty.

Later I'll mark the pupil area and then rivet the titanium with a ball of gold there.

I need an aggressive and intelligent look.


Then I had to add the methane/ hydrogen sulfide vent pipes that the alien pilot needs to operate at 100% efficiency.

The gauge has not been commissioned yet, and needs careful calibration, because the mix of gasses is quite critical.


Here I am.

The pilot with the cockpit open.

I made it so that the entire cockpit is removable so that everyone can see the alien pilot in his full splendor.

I’m going to do the rear feet again.


Cockpit closed.


Other side.


Don’t fuck with Joe.

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