Thursday, May 26, 2016

Further Dragonfly Fighter.



I re worked the fittings where the legs are attached and then I made some boots for them with six arms.


I bent the boots into a sort of jelly fish form, simply because I like the shape.



I also re worked the eyes.

I was going to use a 5 mm gemstone as the iris, but I decided I didn't like it.

So I got my lamp working glass rods out and melted two glass cabochon shapes.

The glass rods come in many colours, and after making cabochons of six or so different colours, I decided that burnt orange was the 'meanest' colour of them all.


Then I re did the titanium background and made two cups that hold the glass eye and screw into the head.

That holds the silver surround and titanium background all together.


And speaking of the head, I started to get to the final assembly of the grub interface antennae.

So first I polish everything and then once it it bright and clean, I stabilize the metal with a sealer.

Then everything is reassembled.


Like this.

Check out the teeth I added.

This is because the Dragonfly Fighter falls into the Odonata order, which is an order of carnivorous insects, encompassing the dragonflies (Anisoptera), and they have teeth on their mandibles.


The Dragonfly Fighter carries with it a set of expendable reconnaissance/attack grubs.

Basically, these are grubs that are attached to the body segments, and when the fighter flies over a war zone, or lands into a hot zone, they can be released to supply intel to the fighter pilot.

As soon a one is released, another starts forming on the tail segment.


The two grubs of the first tail section ready to be installed.


The components of the grubs.

Parts are the eyes, the antennae/fighting spike and the stabilizer screws.


The rough installation of the grubs in the first tail segment.

The first set of grubs can also be used for attack and defense purposes.

The smaller four grubs are used only to gather intel for the pilot.


All three tail segment fitted with recon grubs.



This is the basic tail with the stabilizers not yet finished off.

Now I am going to start on the wings.

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