Thursday, May 17, 2018

Here is my latest invention.

It is an angled jewelers cutting jig that I use to cut equal lengths of rod , tubing or flat strip at 90° and at 45° .

I made it light in weight so that it is easy to use on the peg or sawing table.

On either end are two hardened steel guides that guide the saw blade.

One can also use it to true up material by simply filing on the hardened steel, and it does not affect the file, because the steel is so hard that the file doesn't bite into it but just glides over it.

The main body is made of Delrin (Polyoxymethelene), and I am selling these for $130 .

I hand make each one so my stock is somewhat limited.

This is the complete jig

The file only cuts the tubing.

Thing is, I hardened the guide plates to above Rockwell 65, so that the file teeth don't get blunted,  because they glide over the polished surface.

Still, I use a well used file rather that a brand new one --it just seems to work easier.

Here is a little frame that I made with the 45° side.

Here is a link with a video and more information.

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